Girl's Education


When it comes to the education of children among the financially marginalized, it is the girls who suffer the most. While the key to empowerment lies in the empowerment of women and empowering them equates to educating them, in almost all cases it is the girl’s education that takes the hit first. With this initiative, Swadhar IDWC aims at providing financial support, material support, career guidance and counseling to girls and young women who want to pursue education sincerely.

This program was initiated in 2002 and supports girls’ education in the following ways -

  • School going girls, (from 8th to 10th grades) and those attending vocational training programs like ITI, MCVC (Minimum Competency Vocational Courses), Diploma in engineering, D.Ed., Nurse Assistant, etc are given financial and material assistance.
  • Sponsorships for pursuing higher education like engineering, C.A, C.S, etc.

The beneficiaries are usually students who are referred by their educational institutes or by the grassroots workers of Swadhar. While Swadhar would like to extend support to maximum number of beneficiaries, limited funds limit this aim too, thereby making it imperative to put a selection process at work. The selection process of a beneficiary for this program involves a) analysis of her family’s financial condition; b) an evaluation of her academic progress; c) interviews by a small selection committee; and d) a home visit by a social worker.

In 2002, when this program was initiated, support was extended in terms of only fees and books, etc to school going girls. Over the years, scope of this support has immensely grown. In addition to providing fees and books, things like need for proper nutrition, safe accommodation for girls coming to Pune from the outskirts, proper conveyance to-and-fro their institutes, career counseling, guidance about availing loans and scholarships, etc are also undertaken whenever needed.

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